Your Car Deserves a Roof Over Its Head, Too

Garage Additions in New Haven, Woodburn, IN, Northern Indiana and Northern Ohio

Your vehicle means a lot to you. It may have gotten you to and from various good and bad situations. It may have broken down in the worst times possible. It may even be one of your prized possessions - it's one of your most important ones. Like any asset, you should keep your car safe from environmental wear and tear and security threats. Five Star Construction can build a garage for your home in Woodburn, IN, New Haven, IN or the surrounding areas in Ohio so your vehicle is always safe. With over 30 years of experience you can trust the experts at Five Star Construction to build a post frame or concrete style garage. Whether you're looking for an extra garage stall for storage or need a brand new garage built from scratch, you can trust Five Star Construction for any of your garage needs. Having issues with your current garage door? We can address those problems as well.

Call us for a free estimate and we'll schedule a time to take a look at your lot and find the right design. If you do not have a design in mind, we can provide one for you.

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4 reasons to add a garage to your Woodburn, IN, Wayne, IN, Northern Indiana or Northern Ohio

Your garage can be more than just a place to park your car. Here are a few reasons adding a garage to your home may benefit you.

  1. You need more storage
  2. You need a space to work on hobbies
  3. You need to protect your vehicle from the elements
  4. You need to improve the value of your home

Choose Five Star Construction today to build a garage that will improve your Woodburn, IN, New Haven, IN & surrounding areas in Ohio home.

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